This is a website that I stumbled upon once the holiday season rolled around, because I figure that a lot of people are going to get some gift cards for xmas. Whether they get it as a gift from family, friends, significant others, or work, gift cards are a big part of this season.

Unfortunately, some people just don’t need the type of gift cards that they get. Let’s face it, cash is just better, but the world doesn’t understand that. This is why there are companies that offer to buy your gift card for a cash amount. They do this so they can turn around and sell it at a slight increase, and this is how their business model survives. This is why I looked around and found that Sell Gift Cards NYC is a pretty competent gift card buyer, and is easy to deal with. I filled out a form on their website and someone got back to me within a few minutes, and he even gave me a call to set up the transaction.

If you’re thinking about selling a gift card, its easier than you think, so turn that unwanted plastic into cash!


If you’re looking for a place to sell gold NYC, look no further!  While Global Gold and Silver may be located on the 12th floor don’t let it steer you in the wrong direction, these guys are awesome!

My wife and I had a significant amount of old passed down silverware and some jewelry that we wanted to get rid of.  So naturally, I looked up a place on Yelp and found this awesome place.  My wife called and scheduled and appointment for one of the days they had later hours.

When we arrived the receptionist was very polite and we did not have to wait very long.  We met with Amit to sell some of our silver and gold.  Amit was extremely professional and took the time to explain to us some of the things we were not clear on, like the difference between ounces and Troy ounces.

First we went through all the old silverware that we had brought in.  He showed us what was silver and what was not silver. He then, gave us a really good price on our silverware.

He then, looked at all our jewelry and not only did he give us a good price but when he did, he rounded up by more than a few dollars.

Overall, It’s a good place to sell gold and silver.

Cadillac's Castle

This place is nice cause it’s small enough where you can actually look through everything in a reasonable amount of time and not feel you missed the $100 Lanvin dress hidden between ugly things. Everything is sorted and not packed to the brim. Store owner is kind of a douche and ignored me until I asked for a fitting room. No hi’s or anything until that point. I chatted with him while I was checking out and he was alright. I guess he’s just not that happy-peppy guy. Whatever… I just want to buy stuff, I don’t want to be friends.

I ended up scoring a Jil Sander jersey dress for $125 and a pair of Hussein Chalayan leather sandals for $65. Awesomeness!

Note this is NOT a vintage store. It’s a consignment store that stocks new/gently used, nicely-edited, high end designer items. I prefer this place over the now-very-scary Tokio 7.

I have yet to put anything on consignment here so I’m not sure how quickly things sell. Consignment is same as everywhere else… 50%. You can drop off your items and the buyer will send you an email with what they are interested in taking and for how much. The buyer is not always on hand so don’t expect to get your things looked at right away at all times. Best to call ahead.


The Metropolitan Museum is a must-visit in NYC.  One of the most misunderstood things by visitors is the Admission fee. The General Admission price is a “recommended” donation of $25.  Note the word, “Recommended.”  It’s even on their website.

Since I went with city locals, they scoffed at paying the full “recommended” price.  I know it sounds awful, but for those of us on a budget, $25 can be a lot.  Entrance is essentially By Donation.

Moving on to the museum itself – it’s a lovely facility with fantastic rotating exhibits.  I loved coming here as a college student and still love visiting it when I’m in town.  The only disappointing thing was that some galleries were roped off, I’m guessing possibly due to a shortage of a museum guards, so you’re relegated to stand beyond the entrance, leaning over the rope and craning your neck to peer into the room.  They had closed off the large room with the medieval armor, so that was disappointing.  Other than that, all the other galleries were quite lovely.

There’s also a lovely rooftop scenic area that many might not know about.  You get a fantastic 360 degree view of Central Park and the iconic buildings around the area.

Fernandes Steak House

Meat variety wasn’t the as abundant as other rodizios I have been to in the past, but for $30 you won’t find me complaining. For the most part I was able to get all my meat on the rare to medium-rare end of the spectrum. The lamb was probably the most disappointing item I had seeing as how it was overcooked and bland.

Another piece of advice: Skip the meager buffet, french fries, and the first round of meats (ie: chicken, turkey, sausage) and wait for the beef to come through. You don’t want to waste precious belly real estate on peasant meats.

Make a reservation, be on time, and eat up! If you’re anything like me you’ll probably end up feeling like death and crying about how you think your friends are the worst for letting you have that last round of beef on a steak.


A different department for every floor with the best variety of things out of any Macy’s I’ve ever seen.  Take Men’s watches for example… They had separate displays and employees for each high end watch manufacturer they displayed, and well as the dozen or so other mid-low brand priced watches in the displays.  Breitling, Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier,…plus more!

There are several restaurants to choose from along with a 4 star yelp rated one on the 6th floor (Italian/Pizza/Pasta) etc.   Didn’t try it but it looked good from their menu offerings and ratings.

During the Holidays, Santa is up on the 8th floor.  Bring your patience and or retail spirit to take advantage of this wonderful store.  Nothing short of “Miracle on 34 St.” here as appropriately situated.